Wine 101 Course by Sommelier Ryan Vet on Sip’d Academy

If you’re looking for a Wine 101 Course, look no further. The Sip’d team is at it again putting together incredible video resources for you to further your passion and education of craft beverages. Celebrity Sommelier, Ryan Vet, takes students on a journey through the basics of wine. If you’re looking for practical wine knowledge, look no further! This wine 101 course will take you through the basics.

Some of the lessons on this crash course for wine include:

  • Deciphering different tastes in wine
  • Learning the fundamentals of wine pairing
  • What wine glasses to use when
  • How to pick a wine off a wine list
  • Which wine to buy at a grocery store
  • And more!

There is so much to learn about wine, but you need to start somewhere. The very basics of wine are essential for practical wine knowledge. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or you’re at a business meeting and want to know a bit more about wine, this crash course can help.

In this course, Sommelier Ryan Vet shares some practical insights and some quick and easy vocabulary words for you to drop next time you’re at a wine tasting.

Take the wine crash course today.